Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scrappin' Saturday - How To Take Scrapbook-Worthy Pictures of Active Children

Everyone loves taking baby pictures. Cute little ones on their backs or their stomachs, making adorable faces or getting into funny situations.
Getting a good picture of your little one once their more mobile, however, can become a bit more of a challenge.
Often, they're moving from one thing to another so quickly that, by the time you're set up, you've missed the shot.
Here are a few tips for capturing those fast-moving kids:
1. Use a fast shutter speed. Sports photographers know the only way to really capture the action is to take the kind of shot that freezes time. Set your shutter speed for 1/500th of a second or higher and you'll be able to avoid most blurry photos... even if you're moving your camera to track your subject when you snap the picture!
2. Use a flash. Sometimes, in low-light situations, you won't be able to shoot at a very high shutter speed. In those situations, a flash will do a fair job accomplishing the same benefit as the first tip.
3. Shoot wide. Don't worry about getting too close to your fast-moving subject. You run the risk of cutting them off at the edge of your shot. Instead, shoot a wider angle. That way, you have more choices for composition when you edit the photos later. And don't worry about cropping too much when you edit. Most of today's cameras have enough megapixel power that you won't lose resolution no matter how much you zoom in for your edits!
Employ these three tips consistently and you'll find a lot more action photos to choose from when you're putting together your scrapbook pages

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